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Two Fifths of The Bells Go Wild!

2 of our wonderful team members have gone above and beyond, over coming obstacles, facing fears and showing us what true team work is about. They completed the 10km Tough Mudder to raise money for the NSPCC.

So far their total has reached just over £800, but appears to be still going up! If you would like to contribute to this wonderful charity fundraiser, you can find the link on the facebook post.

Many of their obstacles can be seen in the video,including a slide where they plunged into icy water and had to fully submerge again to get out! A run through wires that pulsed every second blasting our electric shocks! Seriously high cargo net climbs. However they also met many that tested their strength, endurance and courageousness away from the main arena where spactuators/photographers were not allowed. These obstacles included crawling through tear gas filled tunnels, army crawling under barbed wire tunnels, wading through thick muddy puddles as deep as Sam's neck (Claire couldn't reach the bottom!) Mud climbs and mud slides, carrying huge, heavy logs down and back up a long slope through the woods and many more. It sounds like it was hard work.

Both girls came back with bruises developing and aches and pains in the most random of places!

We congratulation them on their Heroism! Great work girls.

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