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What a way to start a Tuesday...

Mary treated all the team to a surprise helicopter ride, as recognition and a thank you for all the hard work and efforts that were put in to the Beer festival.

The day began at 9am where Mary asked all the team to meet her at the pub. Fortunately Andy, the villages trusty window cleaner, was about to capture the moment on camera as she unveiled their surprise.

They piled into cars and followed Mary to Maston's Helix AV grounds.

Emotions were wild! Some of the team had fears of heights so were really nervous, some were just so excited...As a team they bought balance.

'Gary The Helicopter Guy' as all the team have called him for the last couple of years, arrived and powered up the 'MACHINE,' whilst everyone received a safety briefing.

The 1st flight which included Mary, flew over towards Herne Bay and Reculver.

The 2nd flew over Eastry, (The team assure me they waved at you all)

and the 3rd flew over Ramsgate.

What spectacular views.

What a spectacular treat.

Thanks Mary, Thanks Gary!

Full video of the outing here

Here's a video snippet of some of the boys whilst they waited for their turn in the helicopter.

On arrival back to the pub, the team all had a drink to settle their emotions back down, and swiftly began planning the next outing.

Mary and Claire will put targets in place, and if they are met the team will be taken on an outing of their choice... so far Paintballing or Go Kartin' look probable!

Not a bad place to work eh! Fancy joining the team? Call Mary or Claire on 01304611188, they'll always happily accept CVs and keep you on file if they aren't recruiting, although a little dickiebird tells me they currently require a KP, bar staff and waitresses ready for the summer... GO GO GO!

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